Delia Millan

Delia is the founder and director of FabLab Cuenca.

Her work has always been targeting both STEAM education and community empowerment specializing in inclusion and gender equality programmes.

has worked with digital fabrication and in FabLabs since 2012, being part of
the original team of the FabLab Nervecentre (United Kingdom). She also was a
representative of FabLab Nerve Centre in the United States for the project “Temple” by David Best.

has been responsible for the development and implementation of all aspects of
numerous FabLab projects. Her work has always been targeting both education and
community empowerment. She applies the STEAM education system along with
digital and creative practices in order to support community transformation through
digital creativity, making and upskilling. “Acceso a
nuevas tecnologías y Fabricación digital”

Delia was born in Cuenca,
Spain. She completed a masters degree in Audiovisual Communication with Honors,
she majored with Honors from the specialty art direction, 3D animation and
visual effects from the Polytechnic University of Valencia E.P.S Valencia
(Spain) in 2007.

She is the founder of FabLab Cuenca and she has recently been selected by Advanced Leadership Foundation as one of the Leaders in Technological Innovation and Circular Economy in Spain.