Liz Whitewolf

Liz Whitewolf is the Director of Science and Education at Carnegie Science Center.  In her previous role as Fab Lab Technical and Education Manager, Liz was responsible for overseeing the installation of the Fab Lab at Carnegie Science Center in 2015.  Since then, Liz built the Fab Lab staff from one full time employee to a staff of 9 educators, with programs that reach more than 8,000 students annually through three individual labs: one stationary and two mobile labs.  Now, as Director of Science and Education, she oversees the three lab and acts as the Fab Lab champion in her city, the nation, and internationally.  She is on the board of Make PGH and the Pittsburgh FAB Network, which both are consortiums of makerspaces in the Pittsburgh area.  She is also on the advisory board of the North American Digital Fabrication Alliance.  Liz is a member of Fab School Portugal, a working group to research and initiate a school-based Fab Lab in Lisbon, and she has presented on educational Fab Labs in Hong Kong, Shenzen, Toulouse, and Santiago.  She was also a founding member of the SCOPES-df team, a program dedicated to highlight digital fabrication projects in the classroom.  Previously a classroom teacher and a robotics educator, Liz is a passionate maker and STEM advocate for students worldwide.


Lesson Plans

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