Pablo Zuloaga

Award-winning Colombian Creative Director, University Professor and Audiovisual Producer, with a MA in Design for Emergent Futures, based in Barcelona.

With more than 15 years creating ideas, campaigns, products, services, and Innovations for brands and NGOs around the globe, Pablo started his career working in a TV channel in Colombia where he produced and directed different TV shows, then he started working at Mullen Lowe SSP3 (Colombias most awarded agency), were he quickly became Creative Director, and some of his work was awarded in the most important creativity festivals.

I moved to Guatemala in 2016 to work as GREY General Creative Director for almost four years, and retired to follow his dreams and do an MA in Design for Emergent Futures in Barcelona, and he is also getting the Fab Academy certification from the MIT Center of Bits and Atoms, and their “Academy of How to make (almost) anything”.

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