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Moath Momani
Moath Momani
K-12 teacher
I am a passionate educational technology engineer experienced in developing computer training materials and teaching how to use computer applications, machines, and cutting edge technologies. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in August 2016, then I started my… Read More


In this lesson, learners get an introductory experience with coding and computer science in one hour.

This lesson is designed to quickly introduce the App Lab programming environment as a powerful tool for building and sharing apps and it can be both online and classroom.

App lab is a free online tool from, the tutorial itself teaches students to create and control buttons, text, images, sounds, and screens in JavaScript using blocks coding in order to make and develop their mobile application by the end of the lesson.



Students will be able to:

Build and share their own apps in App Lab using features like buttons, text, images, sound, and screens.

Continue building projects in App Lab using the resources provided on the page.



Materials: Computer, Internet connection, Zoom or Teams.

What You'll Need

In this session participants need to have laptops and internet connection in order to start coding with App lab in .

For using, it’s a completely free platform.



Internet connection

Zoom or Teams

The Instructions

Warm up

5-10 minutes Welcome the participants and introduce a challenge to make the application, for example, tell them we need your help to make an application that provides people with information about Covid-19 symptoms and protective instructions. Tell them that they are going to start using a new tool called app lab that will let them quickly make apps they can instantly send to themselves or friends to use.

Introduce participants to App lap and and challenge them to completer the 15 levels or puzzles.

After introducing 2-3 Puzzles for participants challenge them to finish all puzzles alone.

• Setting properties – levels 1-4 using setProperty() block find the below puzzle.

• Make it interactive – levels 5-7 using onEvent() block.

• Image and sound – levels 8-9.

Design mode – levels 10-13, find the below puzzle.