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Kelly Lyn
K-12 teacher


Read “A Book of Bridges: Here To There and Me To You” by Cheryl Keely

Look at bridges in Google Earth (https://earth.google.com/)

Discuss what students’ bridge design ideas: functions & materials

What You'll Need

Book: A Book of Bridges: Here To There and Me To You Kindle Edition

by Cheryl Keeley

Web access: https://earth.google.com/

Kid-friendly Building Materials

The Instructions

A Book of Bridges

Read "A Book of Bridges"

Before reading, ask students to look for different types of bridges.

Read the book – If teaching remotely, having the Kindle edition is helpful in sharing the screen.

Query a couple of students about the different types of bridges they noticed.



Google Earth

Explore Google Earth

Ask a student to name a place.

Search for “bridge + place”

Discuss what you find.

Repeat, as age appropriate, asking for different kinds of places (near mountains, different countries, in cold climates, etc.)

Bridge Building Challenge

Give Bridge Building Challenge

Give an age-appropriate building challenge:

– using building materials you have at home, build a (draw) bridge from one piece of furniture to another that will hold up a…

– Photograph & reflect on

  • How you made it
  • What was challenging
  • What you are proud of



  • (2-ETS1-2): Develop a simple sketch, drawing, or physical model to illustrate how the shape of an object helps it function as needed to solve a given problem.

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