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Studio 5
Studio 5
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In line with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s Digital Youth Strategy, STUDIO 5 is mainly aimed at nurturing youth as digital learners by sharpening their 21st century learning skills, as they develop in an all-pervasive digital environment. In… Read More


Online lesson plan, Introduce innovation and how Islam encouraged the innovators, in order to address some of the innovators of the Islamic world in the golden era of the Islam.

We will also address the unreal technologies like (VR, AR, and MR), to try distinguishing between them.

We will also introduce Spark-AR application from Facebook in order t create AR filters form both Instagram and Facebook.

This lesson plan is a track of 5 days; each day will have its own headline and deliverable.


Day 1 : Augmented Reality

Day 2 : Artificial Intelligent

Day 3 : Virtual reality

Day 4 : Special Effects

Day 5 : Shot & Share

What You'll Need

Online Unplugged lesson, all the needed content are free:

  1. Presentation
  2. Spark-AR
  3. Studio 5\6 filter


The Instructions

Day 1 (Introduction)

In this day we will briefly introduce the track to the participant and also we will ice break with them in order to have their attention and introduce them to the first deliverable of the first day.

1- We usually start with introducing the participant to our fabrication laboratory and encourage them to follow us on all of our social media accounts in order to be updated with the latest sessions.


2- Then we will introduce the participant to the track and what we are going to deliver in the 5 days.

3- Then we will break the Ice with the participant by asking about the Islamic Art and what is the most used in the Islamic Art.