Digital fabrication has the potential to transform k-12 education. With the SCOPES-DF project, the Fab Foundation is bringing together fabbers, makers, and educators to deepen our understanding of the “what”, “how” and “why” of STEM disciplines.


Scaling a Community of Practice for Education in STEM through Digital Fabrication SCOPES-DF is the first project of its kind to specifically develop effective pathways and resources for using digital fabrication in STEM education. SCOPES-DF offers educators new models and methods for teaching. It offers students relevant, engaging, applied learning opportunities.

The Future

Fueled by collaboration and community, SCOPES-DF has the power to transform STEM learning in diverse educational settings through digital fabrication technologies and practices found in a Fab Lab or makerspace. We are building curricular frameworks, professional development resources, and evaluation tools around digital fabrication that can catalyze STEM learning in the classroom. This new platform will enable fabbers, makers and educators to collaborate and interact in a Community of Practice and promises to expand STEM learning and teaching in fresh new ways. Each partner in this collaboration comes with an essential, yet distinct, perspective. Together, they can ignite student learning!


Experts, knowledge, resources and tools, beyond the normal classroom environment, ensure that k-12 learners continue to discover, create, problem-solve, think critically, and learn in powerful, engaging ways. Support from a Community of Practice gives educators increased confidence in tackling STEM projects. Consulting an ever-expanding repository of trusted knowledge and activities, through this website and related resources, empowers educators to learn together and from each other. This project is primarily intended to support teachers, students, fabbers and makers. Yet, it is meant to respond to the concerns of anyone who cares about STEM education and wants to find ways to make it accessible and meaningful.