what we do

We co-create standards-aligned digital fabrication curriculum for STEM education that reflects open-source values.

Connect, discover and share digital fabrication lesson plans with educators all around the world.

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The global network of Fab Labs near you - connect to one today!


We are a global community of teachers, makers, thinkers, and learners inspired to re-imagine K-12 education, 

a multi-talented, highly-skilled, enthusiastic community of practice providing an environment of support and exchange for those new to digital fabrication in the classroom as well as for pioneering STEM educators.


A Powerful Partnership

With the generous support of our partners, Chevron and the GE Foundation, the Fab Foundation and the International Fab Lab Network are tapping the power of digital fabrication to amplify learning, and answering the call of teachers to provide quality, standards-aligned lessons that reflect open-source values.


A Global Research Project 


SCOPES-DF is a global research and development project leveraging the Fab Lab Network, the Maker Movement, academia and educators across the world to bring the potential of digital fabrication into the classroom to catalyze and deepen STEM learning. This platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration will grow and evolve as the Community of Practice grows and evolves.

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