Wearable Device Designer 

This lesson focuses on the Wearable Device Designer career, one of a number of "industrial jobs of the future". 

Students will learn how to use 2D vector design software to laser cut devices that keep shoelaces tied. The lesson begins with an introduction to the engineering design process which students will employ throughout the lesson. After learning the basics of Inkscape and developing their own solution, students will collaborate in groups to design a wearable device that works for a variety of shoes and laces. 

As part of the GE Brilliant Career Lab collection, this lesson is designed to be co-facilitated by a BCL instructor along with the classroom teacher. 


Subjects Technology,  Engineering

Grade Levels 6-8

Fab Tools Laser cutter, 2D and 3D design software 

Collections Fab Tested, GE Collection

Contributors Aidan Mullaney and Alethea Campbell