Laser Cut Lantern

Students will learn about Ethnic Chinese festivals and make their own custom lanterns to celebrate the Legend of Chang E.

Ethnic Chinese celebrate the harvest worldwide during the Mid-Autumn Festival.  It is synonymous with mooncakes (traditional pastry) and lighting paper lanterns. This lesson will introduce students, from all backgrounds, to this tradition. Rather than purchasing mass-produced plastic lanterns, the lesson will introduce students to the traditional roots of handmade lanterns by teaching them how to make a digital fabricated version using lasers (cutters). Students will add their own personal and creative interpretations. At the same time, the lesson will emphasize sustainability values by using recycled materials for the creations. Our methodology can actually be used to design lanterns for other festivals, like Halloween; or other practical uses, like table lamps.

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Subjects Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts

Grade Levels 4-6, 7-8

Fab Tools CAD, laser cutter, electronics

Collections Fab Tested, World Culture, International

Contributors Brian Tang