Asking Questions – Developing Inquiry Skills by using Grammar Wheel

In the lesson “Asking Questions – Developing Inquiry Skills,” intermediate-level students learn to formulate different types of questions, identify question words, and effectively gather information. The lesson begins with a…

June 30, 2023
FLA Week2: Vinyl Cut Sticker

Maker Movement Badges

June 14, 2023
FLA Week3: Laser Cutter and Biomaterials

The lesson aims at making didactic materials for vocabulary mastery. This particular one is for introducing the word “Sun”. The project intends continuation and making of more materials.

June 14, 2023
Growth Mindset Stickers: Positive Messages for Perseverance in Math

This is a beginning of the year lesson to establish Growth Mindset as a class norm. Students will explore the differences between Growth and Fixed mindsets and practice employing Growth…

May 10, 2021
Bringing Poetic Devices to Life

Students will be studying poetry from the Harlem Renaissance. The focus will be on how poetic devices in poetry have an effect on the reader. After reading a number of…

April 28, 2021
I Can Be: Inspirational Black Figures, Poetry and Illusion

Students research achievements of a notable African American and use them as inspiration for a poem about the future and goals. After composing the poem, students, using side view photos of…

February 17, 2021

Students will create a neck piece based on symmetry, patterns, and colors seen in Black Panther as well as in traditional African art. They will learn how to simulate cultural…

February 17, 2021
Create an Obama Poster

Students will engage with concepts of leadership and service and reflect on MLK and Obama’s legacy in a variety of different ways before creating their own ‘Obama Hope’ poster.

February 17, 2021
Vinyl Bookmarks: Cambridge Public Library

This lesson is a guided introduction to a library workshop activity. Library patrons will create a vinyl sticker bookmark and library staff will assist in the design and fabrication of…

October 22, 2020
KIT:CUT – Laser Book

Think or invent a story. Let yourself be guided by the emotions evoked by colours and shapes defined by Kandinsky (triangles, circles and squares). Use the forms to create the…

June 28, 2019
Robotics Rumble

SEI’s season time line plan consist of the following: July – August 2019 Recruitment (secure students to participate in the program) September – November 2019 classes and meetings (2 times a…

June 26, 2019