Introduction to 3D Designing with a 3D Pen and Sketchbook

Students will learn the basics of 3D designing and geometry through hands-on activities using a 3D pen and a 3D sketchbook (or folded square papers). They will create simple 3D…

August 14, 2023
Week 4

Mathematics 2D and 3D shapes (Hexagon)  

May 19, 2023

Sample print of geometric shapes

May 15, 2023
Digital Archery

In this track we will introduce the sport in Islam as a religion encouraged practising sports. We will introduce some of the technology that can involve in sport like Virtual Reality.

November 29, 2021
Adding Integers on Scratch Number Lines

This lesson will help support students in their conceptual understanding of how to utilize a number line to add integers while using technology.   Students will use a vinyl cutter,…

June 25, 2021
Growth Mindset Stickers: Positive Messages for Perseverance in Math

This is a beginning of the year lesson to establish Growth Mindset as a class norm. Students will explore the differences between Growth and Fixed mindsets and practice employing Growth…

May 10, 2021
The Infinity Workshop

This is a lesson to help students with a background in basic adding of fractions find some wonder in mathematical exploration. We start with a review of what fractions are…

April 17, 2021
Binary Beading

Learn to bead and learn binary at the same time. Use the ASCII table to bead your name in binary.

October 17, 2020
Individualized Initial Ring

Students will create an “initial ring” using the design process in Tinkercad. This lesson is designed for use after students have had practice applying the basic skills needed for Tinkercad…

August 10, 2020
Make A Sundial

Students will use fab lab tools to create a custom sundial for their area and learn how to mark it with important yearly events.

July 16, 2020
Cardboard Backboard

Learn how to make a cardboard backboard out of household materials. Once assembled, complete the attached statistics worksheet and see how many shots you can make. Apply digital fabrication skills…

May 5, 2020