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CITC Fab Lab
CITC Fab Lab
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We are Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s Fabrication Lab. We are based out of Anchorage Alaska serving Alaska Native and American Indian students based in the Anchorage school district. We teach design, building, and fabrication with a cultural emphasis. Our different… Read More


One of our partner schools asked us if we had coat hangers for their lab coats. We did, and we also had a pile of cardboard leftover from other supplies we had ordered them! Here is a quick prototype we will bring to this school when we join them for after school club on Friday. Excited to get some hangers out to our community and upcycle some of the waste from our lab. We will also be using these to hang up our cold weather clothes during our winter break camp when students are inside.


Lesson Extension ideas 

Other types of clothing that can be hung.

Other things that get piled up on sofa arms, which could be organized.

Cable management

Fish rack for ice fishing at winter camp inspired by traditional technologies.

What You'll Need


Scissor / Box Cutter

Computer for design

Laser Cutter 10w+

An element of clothing

Lesson Materials

The Instructions

Identify Waste Stream

Find a pile of carboard you can use to craft

Carefully remove any metal staples for safety


Make sure there are large enough pieces to cut out hangers and lay hangers on them if you aren’t sure.

Design your hanger

Create a functional and appealing form.

Measure the existing hanger and make sure your design fits inside the same dimensional envelope. Design your cut profile using available graphic design / CAD application like and export for use in your laser cutter, common formats include .pdf and .svg

Make sure corners are rounded so it doesn’t snag on clothing.

Make sure there are no thin parts that could break like around the cat in the example.


Cat design used with permission:


Layer materials if necessary

Laminate two sheets together to create a stronger piece of material before cutting if there are too many cuts or voids in the cardboard.

Test out the hanger

Try hanging a jacket or some piece of clothing on it.

Use something that you might be hanging on it in the future to test its function. Our lab is in Alaska so we tested our hanger using Alaska Native traditional style clothing (Kuspuk).


Determine if you have to add an additional layer of material or if it strong enough already.