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4.MD.A1, 2.MD.A1, 2.MD.A4, Fab-Safety.1, Fab-Electronics.1, Fab-Modeling.1, Fab-Fabrication.1, Fab-Design.1

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CITC Fab Lab
CITC Fab Lab
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We are Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s Fabrication Lab. We are based out of Anchorage Alaska serving Alaska Native and American Indian students based in the Anchorage school district. We teach design, building, and fabrication with a cultural emphasis. Our different… Read More


Create your own personalized light box that includes LED strands and DC power supply. The image, LED light colors and display box dimensions are up to you!! 

Time: 16 hours if designing images, cutting and soldering


What You'll Need


Computer – Corel or Adobe Illustrator

Soldering Iron

Laser Engraver



12 Volt DC Power Supply

DC Power Jack

  Power Switch

12 Volt LED Strip (approx. 17.75” long)

2 (or 3) colored wires

    Laser cut box template ( attached file for 5x5x1.5 box or


Wire Strippers



    Wire cutters

    Hot glue gun

    Glue sticks

    Painters Tape

Plywood (Acrylic, Cardboard, etc.)

The Instructions

Beginning Your Design/ Modifying Your Box Template

Designing and Cutting out your Box.

Step 1:

Create a design for the front of your light box. Design it using either Corel or Illustrator. If this task seems to challenging or you don’t have enough time, simply find an image you enjoy on the web. Add the vector image to the center of the lid of your light box.


Adding the cut outs for hardware:

If you do not use the file (Attached file – 5x5x1.5 box.cdr) make sure you include the power adaptor jack cut out and power switch cut out.

Dimensions are as follows: 0.36” X 0.42” (power adaptor jack) and 0.41” X 0.23” (power switch). This is a great oppurtunity to have students measure the items and get accurate measurements.


Step 2: Cut out your light box

If you need help with the vector and/or raster settings, let an instructor know. Use the settings for your specific laser and material.