FLA Week 2: Learning Music Notes, Rests, Clefs, by using stickers. - SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Chaik Haw Ren
K-12 teacher


One of the first places to start when studying music is to learn about all the types of musical notes there are. Knowing the names of all these notes, as well as their time values, how to draw them, and what the parts of the notes are called is key to being able to read music well.

In general, we are making use of the vinyl cutter to make a wide range of stickers in all kinds of notes, rests, clefs, etc. For all beginners, they should be able to relate the notes, rests, and clefs with their names.

What You'll Need

Targeted number of people in class: 10-12 people;

Planned group: 3-4 groups;

3-4 nos. laptops that contain Inkscape & Silhouette Studio software;

2 nos. CAMEO Vinyl Cutters;

Various colour sticker papers;

Weeding tool sets.

The Instructions

Converting a JPEG file to an VECTOR file.

Open a JPEG file using InkScape software. Trace the selected picture and adjust the threshold for clearer image view, then save as a SVG file.

1)     Select a JPEG/PNG file. For this time, I choose a Music Notes image.

2)  Open InkScape software to trace the outline of the Music notes image. Click “Files” –> Open.

3)    Selected file –> “Open” button.

4)     Select “OK”.

5)     The selected file will occur on main screen.

6)     Click on the image for tracing on making it to a sticker.