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This lesson is on how to make a unique fire making tool called a Fire Piston. It ignites a small piece of tinder by rapid compression/depression of air inside of a cylinder. When used correctly, it can produce an ember in under a second. It can be a useful tool and a fun way to demonstrate a few scientific principals.

What You'll Need

⦁ 6in piece of 1/2in Aluminum tubing  

⦁ 7in piece of 3/8in Aluminum Solid Rod

⦁ Resin

⦁ Small O-ring

⦁ Mold making materials


The Instructions

Making the fire piston

Here is the full layout for the process

⦁ Cut a 6 inch section out of the tubing AND rod. A drill and a hacksaw make for fun and fast cutting.

⦁ Score the end of the solid rod about ½ inch from the tip. This is where the O-Ring will go. The same drill/hacksaw technique works really well to evenly score the rod. Score it deep enough so that the rod and O-Ring will just barely fit in the 1/2in tubing. Lightly sand one end of the tubing so it does not cut the O-Ring while you are testing it.