Recycling For Toys – SCOPES-DF

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Age Ranges
Fab-Safety.2, Fab-Electronics.2, Fab-Fabrication.2, Fab-Design.2

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Martin Oloo
Martin Oloo
Fablab manager
I am a co-founder and Managing Director of Fablab Winam. The Fablab based in Western region of Kenya and is independently based but freely collaborates with Learning Institutions and companies. I have a background in Social Work and Digital Fabrication.… Read More


The lesson aims to introduce students to Reusing and Recycling of waste in creating their own products or toys in particular. The lesson will also introduce kids to electronic devices and circuits and modern joining methods. Mechanical transmissions will also be introduced to learners.

What You'll Need

Glue Gun


Card Board/ Cartons

Battery Holder


Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottle Tops

Marker Pens



Vinyl sheet(optional)

The Instructions

Cutting and Cleaning Collected Plastic Bottles

Clean bottles Mark Bottles Cut Bottles into the desired shape

Clean the bottles using detergent as required thoroughly and let them dry


Mark out half the bottle round to indicate the designated cutting area


Cut the bottle using a scissors


Cut the top of the bottle top into an irregular shape and create a hole in the middle


Make a hole on the side of the bottom half for placing the switch and passage of wires

Electrical circuit

Creating the Electrical circuit

On a piece of paper draw the circuit of how the battery will be connected to the switch and the motor


Identify the color code of wires and the terminals of batteries and electrical devices i.e. the motor


Test the motor by connecting it to the battery


Connect the positive side of the battery to one side of the switch and solder it


Connect one side of the switch to the positive side of the motor and solder it


Connect the neutral side of the battery to the neutral side of the motor




Assembling the Buzzer Assembling the Draw Bot

Place the irregular shaped bottle top on the shaft of the motor and glue it, this now forms the buzzer. Test it and see if it vibrates by placing the batteries in the battery holder


Pass the wires leading to the motor from the top and place the motor on the side of the open bottom half of the bottle


Glue it using a Glue Gun


Place the Battery holder on the top of the bottom half placed upside down and glue it


Place the switch on the side and reinforce it using super glue


Place three markers at a proportional equal distance to each other around the bottle and tape them round, remove the tops and test the draw bot

Vinyl Cutting Options

Trace an image on paper 2D transfer Vinyl Cutting and Transfer

Draw an image on paper of any sticker after identifying the dimensions of the draw bot


Take a picture or scan the drawing


Convert it into vector form using a CAD software


Print the vector using a vinyl cutter


Transfer the sticker


  • (Fab-Safety.2): I can operate equipment in a Fab Lab following safety protocols.
  • (Fab-Electronics.2): I can follow a schematic diagram and create a circuit including a microcontroller with electronic components.
  • (Fab-Fabrication.2): I can develop workflows across four or more of the following: modeling softwares, programming environments, fabrication machines, electronic components, material choices, or assembly operations.
  • (Fab-Design.2): I can participate in design reviews with prepared presentation materials as well as give and receive feedback from peers.