Grade 9


Construct an argument based on evidence about the simultaneous coevolution of Earths systems and life on Earth. [Clarification Statement: Emphasis is on the dynamic causes, effects, and feedbacks between the biosphere and Earths other systems, whereby geoscience factors control the evolution of life, which in turn continuously alters Earths surface. Examples of include how photosynthetic … Read More “HS-ESS2-7”

October 1, 2018

Construct an explanation based on evidence for how the availability of natural resources, occurrence of natural hazards, and changes in climate have influenced human activity. [Clarification Statement: Examples of key natural resources include access to fresh water (such as rivers, lakes, and groundwater), regions of fertile soils such as river deltas, and high concentrations of … Read More “HS-ESS3-1”

October 1, 2018

Evaluate competing design solutions for developing, managing, and utilizing energy and mineral resources based on cost-benefit ratios.* [Clarification Statement: Emphasis is on the conservation, recycling, and reuse of resources (such as minerals and metals) where possible, and on minimizing impacts where it is not. Examples include developing best practices for agricultural soil use, mining (for … Read More “HS-ESS3-2”

October 1, 2018