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Digital Fabrication for Qatari Makers: The Work of Studio 5/6

Based on the Qatar Vision 2030, the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC) of Qatar invested in Studio 5/6 as the first Fab Lab dedicated to Qatari youth, aiming to prepare them from an early age to lead and pioneer the future of digital fabrication and technology. Studio 5/6 was set up by the MOTC to provide children and young adults with opportunities to become ICT (Information and Communications Technology) creators as part of the Digital Youth Strategy. Studio 5/6 is a community platform offering children and young adults the ability to enhance their technology skills through developing problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation skills. Nurturing and sharpening the learner’s skills is key to the organization’s approach.

The Studio 5/6 methodology is based on problem solving using digital fabrication. The use of digital fabrication technologies allow youth to prototype an idea quickly and to analyze, study and create a final prototype. Learning the tools of digital fabrication gives them the opportunity to create and materialize the idea in an efficient and creative process.

Studio 5/6 has joined the global network of digital fabrication laboratories (Fab Labs) and other makerspaces committed to integrating these technologies in learning environments for youth through the SCOPES-DF research project. The collaboration with SCOPES-DF started with our use of the assessment framework, “Fab I Can Statements.” Our staff used this assessment tool as a reference to build content, and guidance for student understanding during the course of a project. Additionally, to spread the knowledge of digital fabrication in the Arab region, Studio 5/6 has translated the Fab I Can Statements into the Arabic language. Click here to download a copy.

As a result of the ongoing collaboration, Studio 5/6 has also shared its knowledge with SCOPES-DF community of practice through talks and workshops including;

Women Making History Webinar
And Digital Piano Workshop

Following the vision of the Ministry to spread content and knowledge developed by a team based in Qatar for an international level contribution Studio 5/6 partnered with Fab Foundation staff to design and create the lesson plans based on Qatari culture, following the Fab I Can Statements as guidelines and tested them with the Qatari maker community. This resulted in a special collection of 35 lessons which can be found on the SCOPES-DF website here.

In order to increase the accessibility and availability of digital fabrication knowledge to reach Arabic speakers from different countries, Studio 5/6 is developing bilingual lesson plans, in English and Arabic languages to expand the community and democratize digital fabrication in the Arab world. SCOPES-DF has been a great platform for this work, and the partnership with Fab Foundation continues to grow global knowledge for people of all ages.

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