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Empowering Women Through STEM Education: The Inspiring Work of Barefoot College

Women in colorful saris in front of green and white lamps, circuit boards and equipment sit on both sides of a table in a room with dim sunlight passing through windows.
Barefoot College – Women from villages near Tilonia, India, learning to make solar lamps. Photo Credit: taken by Smita Sharma.

Women have historically been underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The gender gap remains at only 28% of STEM careers being held by women. In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Scopes-DF would like to take a moment to highlight organizations like Barefoot College. Who are leading a charge in empowering women worldwide to break barriers and create a women centered global network dedicated to sustainable development for marginalized rural communities in the over 90 countries they serve. In this blog post, we will explore the remarkable work of Barefoot College and how it should inspire educators across the world to uplift women and girls in STEM.

Barefoot College, founded in 1972, is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering rural communities and promoting sustainable development. One of its most remarkable initiatives is the Barefoot Women’s Solar Engineering program, which trains illiterate and semi-literate women from rural areas to become solar engineers. Through a unique and innovative approach, women are equipped with the skills and knowledge to install, maintain, and repair solar panels, bringing renewable energy solutions to their communities. Barefoot College’s approach to empowering women in STEM is revolutionary. By focusing on practical skills and hands-on training, the organization breaks down barriers to education and employment for women and girls in underserved communities. Through the Women’s Solar Engineering program, women gain not only technical expertise but also confidence and leadership skills, transforming their lives and communities.

Togolese Solar Mamas teach women from other villages how to become Solar Engineers. Photo Credit: taken by photojournalist Lar Boland.

Educators play a crucial role in encouraging and supporting women and girls into STEM fields. Barefoot College’s model serves as a powerful example of how educators can make a difference by providing access to quality education and opportunities for skill development. By highlighting the success stories of women who have participated in the program, educators can inspire their students to pursue STEM careers and overcome challenges they may face along the way.

The work of Barefoot College reminds us of the importance of creating inclusive and equitable opportunities in STEM. When women and girls are empowered to participate fully in these fields, they bring diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to the table, driving progress and positive change. By supporting organizations like Barefoot College and promoting STEM education for all, educators can contribute to building a more inclusive and sustainable future for generations to come.

Barefoot College’s commitment to empowering women and girls in STEM is a beacon of hope in the quest for gender equality and sustainable development. Through their innovative programs and unwavering dedication, they are inspiring educators worldwide to uplift women and girls in STEM and build a brighter future for us all. As educators, let us continue to champion diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in STEM education, ensuring that every individual has the chance to fulfill their potential and make a meaningful impact on the world.