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I am Henry Sanchez, but in the world the children know me as “Uncle Geny” (“Tio Geny” in spanish). Since 2014 I started a exploration in the education´s world with the mission of accompanying and enhancing the creativity of my nephew Gastoncito.
I am the creator of DIGITOYS and I have been teacher in the community of popular apprentices: “Arbol de Sueños” – ArSu, educational coordinator at Fab Lab Peru, tutor of Fab Lat Kids network and tutor in SimbioCreacion for AirBus and the World Bank.

DIGITOYS is an online learning platform for designing and manufacturing personalized toys for children. Each month, they receive missions in which they can learn about digital design, 3D printing, laser cutting, programming, electronics and robotics. While working in the missions, they practice their STEAM skills.

In each mission we offer multimedia content for children to design their own toys on different digital platforms. We use our machines to make toys (3D printers, laser cutters, etc) and take those digital designs to the real world. Finally the toys are sent to their homes to be assembled and decorated by the children themselves.

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Lesson Plans

In this workshop the children design the creatures of their fantasies through a digital plasticine and then be fabricated with…