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Henry Sanchez
Henry Sanchez
Fablab manager
I am Henry Sanchez, but in the world the children know me as “Uncle Geny” (“Tio Geny” in spanish). Since 2014 I started a exploration in the education´s world with the mission of accompanying and enhancing the creativity of my nephew… Read More


In this workshop the children design the creatures of their fantasies through a digital plasticine and then be fabricated with the help of machines to make toys: 3D printers.

What You'll Need

Materials List

  • Neon colored plasticine
  • Plastic or wooden punch
  • Acrylic paintings
  • Brushes
  • 3D Printing Filament (white)


Technological tools

  • Main computer, projector, speakers and internet
  • Computers


Digital Fabrication Tools

Hardware: 3D Printer

Software: Sculptris


The Instructions


It's time to meet us and present the workshop

TEACHER NOTE: Use this guide – which will serve as support throughout the sessions – and tell the children that sessions will be like a game in which they must overcome different levels to learn how to design and make their own toys.

It is time to meet us, introduce yourself by indicating your name or nickname, how old you are and what you like to do, then invite them to voluntarily introduce themselves.

PD. This workshop consists of 2 sessions.


It's time to create our first characters in the real world using colored plasticine

Tell the children that their first mission is to create the fantastic creature of their fantasies. For this, give them plasticine (neon colors) and plastic or wooden punches.


Now let's name each manual process that we do

With the characters that the children are creating, together with them, explore the images of level 2 to associate each manual process with a new name and a button. In that way they will review how the buttons work: Create, Draw, Inflate, Smooth and Grab, buttons that coincidentally will be seen in level 4 when they have to digitally design their characters,


From the real world to digital and from the world 2d to 3d

Show the participants the first pair of images of level 3 and ask them what are the differences between both images. Invite everyone to participate in an orderly manner. Make a rescue of their comments and close saying that effectively one image is real world and the other digital world.

Next, show the second pair of images and do the same dynamic asking the difference between both images. This time you close commenting that although both images are from the digital world one is from the world 2d and the other from the 3d world.


It's time to digitally design your first fantastic creature

Open the digital design program. Sculptris and ask the participants what familiar things they can see . Once they got to identify the buttons explored in level 2, you make a review of all of them designing a basic 3d character.

Now tell the participants that their new mission is to create a fantastic digital creature that looks like it was made with plasticine in level 1 or a completely new one. On the way you invite them to create a name and a story to that character.


Let's use the machines to make toys: 3D printers