Mickael was born in the south of France, where he initially trained as a maintenance agent. He then lived 14 years in the UK where he studied media techniques, Music technology and other craft related practices. He also gets involved and participates in the realization of a variety of workshops, media productions and live performances over the years.

As a facilitator he also develops educational programs and tools in many areas before graduating with honors in Design for creative practice at the Faculty of Arts, School of Arts and Technologies, University of Ulster. During the course of his studies Mickael obtains diverse awards and recommendations. In addition, he spends a year at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Germany in the art and design department.

Mickael has since developed his skills in the field of digital fabrication by experimenting with design tools and techniques. As co-founder of FabLab Cuenca, He has been living in Spain for the last 4 years, he aims to support the development of distinct community group’s activities, hoping to contribute to the expansion of the maker culture and solve issues occurring locally and globally today.