Computer Programming

MakeyMakey Inventor Biography Bottle

Students will choose a scientist or inventor from the past or present to research in order to write an informational report.  While the students are progressing through the writing…

September 7, 2023
FLA Assignment Week 3: Creating a wooden mold using laser cutter

Assignment Week 3: Create a wooden mold using laser cutter

May 12, 2023
FLA Week2: Vinyl Cut Sticker

Demonstrating how to create vectors with Inkscape, make simple stickers with the Cricut Vinyl Cutter, and use the works as artifacts for more active code feedback with HTML.

May 6, 2023
Pocket weather Station using Arduino

This is a diy project for kids between 10-16 years this project we will developed a pocket weather station that anyone can carry with them, using basic electronic components,…

March 31, 2023
NFC Application in tourism

On-site work shop that aims to share tourist places in Qatar and how technology could interfere to share the ways of advertising, In addition to how this would make the…

December 29, 2022
Digital UV Protection

In this track we will be introducing the participant to the tourism in the state of Qatar. The participant will be introduced to the wearable technology and how it’s been…

December 29, 2022
Football Training Coding

On-site Workshop that aims toward introducing the technology used in sport and how it improves the sport practicing in general, Also the course will deliver some basic coding skills to…

December 29, 2022
Treasure Hunt

On-Site workshop aims towards delivering the electronics knowledge and coding, through coding a game using Make-code platform to code micro-bit microcontroller.

December 22, 2022
Tech Soccer Ball

For 4 days, participants will explore 3D scanning tools and learn about 3d modeling to customize the World cup Soccer ball. ​They will also explore mixed reality technology and be…

December 22, 2022