Pride Pieces: Exploring Social Identity, History, and Culture 

Students will create a neck piece based on symmetry, patterns, and colors seen in Black Panther as well as in traditional African art. They will learn how to simulate cultural and visual information to create their own symbolic neck piece.

Students will be more aware of how visual symbols, color, and patterns are used in past and present social cultures and how they influence our personal identities. Students will develop skills and familiarity with makerspace equipment to instill confidence in their ability to express themselves as creative problem solvers and makers as well as to minimize any level of intimidation they might have in utilizing advanced technical machines and software.


Subjects ELA, Technology,  Art/Design

Grade Levels 2-12

Fab Tools 3D Printer, Laser cutter, 3D modeling, Water-jet cutter

Collections Fab Tested, Special Collection

Contributors Ainsley Buckner, Melvin LaPrade, and Sonya Pryor-Jones