Blue Home - Explore the Solar System – SCOPES-DF

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Noor Mohamed
Noor Mohamed
Informal educator
Physics graduate, educational content creator and STEM educator.  Read More


Learning about the solar system is always fun, but it can be even more fun if it was through a game!


This lesson provides the knowledge about the Solar System Planets by going through a story, where the students [players] are the main characters.


The story starts when an astronauts [the players] got lost in space, and they are trying to go back to their Blue Home, our planet Earth. And on their way back, they are faced with obstacles and some quizzes.



The lesson could be played depending on the number and ages of students, it is adaptable to all age groups and any number of students.


This link below shows a demo of the game:



What You'll Need

Preparing for this lesson will require the instructor to have an Arduino to code, printed cards [design attached], and jigsaw pieces [cut with a laser cutter]. To prepare these things here are the materials needed:


Bill of materials:

  • Different colors 15mm Cardboard [6 pieces]
  • RGB LED [1 piece]
  • Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense [1 piece]
  • Addressable RGB LED Strips each with 3 LEDs [2 pieces]
  • Vibrating Mini [1 piece]
  • 3D printed Astronaut Piece [1 piece]
  • Printed Cards [30 cards]
  • Dice [1 piece]
  • Diffusive Paper [1 piece]




  • Print the game cards. ** design attached in lesson attachments.



  • Cut the jigsaw puzzle design using a laser cutter, with different colors of cardboard [10 – 15 pieces of each color] ** design attached in lesson attachments.



  • 3D print the astronaut piece, if a 3D printer is not available, then you can DIY and piece that looks similar to the design. ** design attached in lesson attachments.



  • Connect the electronic pieces as seen in the picture below [LED stripes, RG LED, Vibrating mini and the Arduino nano].