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Age Ranges

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K-12 teacher


Students can design and make an interesting logo using Inkscape and Vinyl cutter. At the end of the lesson, Students can:

  1. Use some unique features of Inkscape to create a logo of their choice
  2. Learn the techniques in printing their unique logo using the vinyl Printing Machine, Cricut Maker 3.


What You'll Need

  1. Inkscape Software for Design
  2. Vinyl Printing software, Circut Maker
  3. Vinyl Printing Machine
  4. Vinyl Cutting Mat and tools
  5. Transfer Tape
  6. Material to transfer the vinyl design (Plywood)



The Instructions

Design The logo on a paper

1. Students to design the logo on a paper for idea generation.

  1. Present the students with the design brief on designing and making the logo.
  2. Give the students paper and pencil to design the logo on a paper.


Use the Inkscape software to design the logo

1. Students to use Layers, Undo options, Stroke and fill options, inserting text options amd saving as SVG file options.

  1. Students to start using the options under Inkscape to design the logo of their choice.



  • (Fab-Fabrication.1): I can follow instructor guided steps that link a software to a machine to produce a simple physical artifact.

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