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Fab-Safety.1, Fab-Programming.1, Fab-Electronics.1
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Studio 5
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In line with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s Digital Youth Strategy, STUDIO 5 is mainly aimed at nurturing youth as digital learners by sharpening their 21st century learning skills, as they develop in an all-pervasive digital environment. In… Read More


Online session to celebrate the National day in the State of Qatar, the session directed to kids in order to share Joy, happiness, and Knowledge. In this session we will briefly explain the history behind the national day, in addition we will introduce the participant to Micro_controllers in a brief in order to make a flag out of LED’s and animate these LED’s.

What You'll Need

This is an Unplugged session which doesn’t require any physical material rather than a login computer.

All the required files will be linked below:


The Instructions

Introduction ( Ice breaking )

We will start by ice breaking questions to grab the participant attention

1–We will ask the kids about the national day of Qatar:

  • What is the date of the national day?
  • Why do we celebrate in this day exactly?
  • What is the history behind this day?
  • When Qatar had its independence?



December 18

In this section we will go through the history behind this date.

1–We will discuss with the kids what happened in (December \ 18 \ 1878).

2- So in this day “Sheikh Jassem bin Mohammed bin Thani” took the role in the state of Qatar.

3- As he succeeded to apply his vision of unity, grow rapidly, and to reach the highest of heights.