Phenology Calendar

Students will learn what phenology is and create an object to record the changes in seasons in their local ecosystem.

March 31, 2024
A- Frame level for contour Farming

This lesson introduces students to agriculture practices and its benefits. Students will learn about contour farming and vegetable cultivation. When studying contour farming for vegetables, students will gain specific insights…

July 21, 2023
FLA Week 4: Classroom Tool Design

This week’s task I made a speaker cable box for our electronics classroom. The loose speaker cable has been stored in a cardboard box. If cable got stuck. Someone took…

May 22, 2023
FLA Week 3: Biomaterials

1.      Under instructor’s guidance, we made molds with Inkscape, from hdf using laser cutter. Then we made the solution with agar-agar as told in presentation. My try was mostly spilled on…

May 21, 2023
FLA Week2: Vinyl cut sticker

  I searched a few options to make a sticker to laptop, where it would seek attention and interest to maker attitude.   When I was searching ideas, I found…

May 16, 2023
Utility Pouch

Pouches come from cultures around the world and Alaska. These are used for many different purposes, Medicine comes in many different forms be it food, drink or spiritual.  The design…

August 31, 2022
Interactive National Day

On-site session aims to introduce and celebrate the national day of Qatar in a funny interactive way, Participant will also be introduced to the Micro-Bit microcontroller in order to be…

January 30, 2022
Animated Bracelet

Onsite session aims towards delivering the knowledge of wearable technology in order to build an animated bracelet.

December 13, 2021
Motion Capture

Unplugged lesson aims towards delivering the knowledge of movement and how computers are able to capture and simulate the human movement in order to help disorders and make their life…

November 30, 2021
Digital Archery

In this track we will introduce the sport in Islam as a religion encouraged practising sports. We will introduce some of the technology that can involve in sport like Virtual Reality.

November 29, 2021
Camel Race

•In this track we will introduce the sport in the Islamic heritage and how it has been developed using nowadays technology, in order to use our skills in coding to…

September 23, 2021
Digital Misabeh

Online lesson plan, Introduces the Islamic culture and how Muslims uses the technology to worship “Allah” God. The workshop will address one of the used methods in asking forgiveness and…

September 16, 2021