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Studio 5
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This Is a 5 days Track where we are going to introduce the participant to wearable technology and the advantages provided from wearable to fashion. They will also be introduced to the basics of microcontrollers and how to code it to perform the right task.


Days :

1- Day 1 : Wearable Technology.

2- Day 2 : Circuit and MCU.

3- Day 3 : L & T Sensors.

4- Day 4 : Input & Output.

5- Day 5 : Project.

What You'll Need

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Presentation Files

Micro-Bit Platform

The Instructions

Day 1 (Introduction)

In this day we will briefly introduce Wearable technology to participant in order to understand the way this technology works. They will also understand the fields this technology involved in, in order to understand the variety of applications of this technology Able to change and affect. Also participant will be introduced to Micro-Bit Platform in order to deliver the knowledge of what is MCU and how it works so they will be able to code the board to create different application.

1-As usual we will start by an Ice braking question to drive their attention to what we are going to deliver.

“Have you heard about Wearable before?”

Most of the participant hears this term for the first time, and they are not aware of this technology.

So we will briefly describe the term for them in the next section.


Wearable Technology

In this section we will introduce the definition of the wearable technology and for what this technology is used.

1- Firstly: We will mention what is wearable. “Devices that are comfortably worn and they are mainly used to track and monitor the user health and life style and they look nice when they are worn”

2- Then we will introduce to the participant the term “IOT” which refer to (Internet Of Things).

“This technology is known for connecting all of the available devices to the wide network in order to access them from any point on the globe in any time, mainly we are referring to sensors as they are the main data provider to any network or any device.”

3- Then we will mention the places we can find a Wearable attached to.

4- Then we will present a video to them explaining what is meant by Wearable technology.