Element Cereal Box Project - SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Age Ranges

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Kevin Carpenito
K-12 teacher


Apply knowledge of chemistry concepts learned in class and information collected from the internet and books to create an element cereal box that highlights a specific element from the periodic table. Students will include digital fabrication into their cereal box by creating a sticker that represents a mascot/logo and slogan for their element.

This lesson will use Google Drawing, available in Google Drive, to create their mascot/logo. The lesson also utilizes Roland Cutstudio SV-15 vinyl cutter. All other aspects of the cereal box will be hand drawn or created on the computer and printed.

What You'll Need

Periodic Table

Computer with internet access

Empty cereal box or other similiar sized box

Project directions

Project Rubric

Project research template

Roland SV-15 vinyl cutter and materials





Google Drawing

Roland Cutstudio

The Instructions


As do-nows through the entire unit on atoms, molecules, and elements I use a series of puns to peek student interest. Reward stamps are awarded for correct answers.

These puns are great to get kids searching through the periodic table of the element that goes with the pun. Example – What do you do with ripped jeans?  Sodium

(See attachment of suggested puns)


This project is the final project for our unit on atoms, molecules, and elements. I use this as a four week homework assignment. All work except the fabrication of the vinyl sticker for the mascot/logo will be done at home. If in a remote learning setting the logo's can be created in google draw and sent to the educator to cut, if there is access to the vinyl cutter at home.

Students will choose three elements they wish to explore more and fill out the student template for each. (see attachment) They may use the internet, books, or whatever means necessary to find the information. These templates all need to be complete and are part of the final grading rubric. After students choice there element there is a short class share out of what element the chose and why the chose it. I try to encourge students to choose elements they don’t know much about or that they have a special interest in.




Debrief students current understanding of google drawing and their project goals. Give out Cereal Box Intruction sheet (see attachment). Once students have created drawing of their mascot/logo and slogan on paper they should be able to complete the following tasks. * Place a shape on the canvas * Add a line or scribble * Change the boarder weigght of a line * Undo * Align an object to perfect center To further explain the function of the vinyl cutter, pass out a small square of vinyl and a pair of scissors. Tell students the vinyl cutter uses a small blade to seperate the top layer of colored vinyl from the protective bottom layer. This is an example of computer controlled manufactoring.


Students will design their mascot/logo/slogan in google draw and send it to the vinyl cutter.

Step 1: Open Cut Studio

Step 2: Top Tab: Import JPEG Image

Step 3: Top Tab Object: Open Image Outline

Step 4: Extract Image Outline, Press “OK”