Escape Room Puzzles - SCOPES Digital Fabrication

Lesson Details

Age Ranges

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Colin Christy
Colin Christy
K-12 teacher


Students learn how to use CorelDRAW and Laser Cutters through creating Math and Science puzzles.

What You'll Need

Paper & Pencil


2D Vector CAD Program (CorelDRAW, Inkscape, etc.)

Laser Cutter

The Instructions

Introduce Project

Roll out the project and share an exemplar

-Teacher explains goal of the project, which is to create physical puzzles/games that include content currently being taught in Math and Science.

-Students will get a brief overview of the computer program being used and the laser cutters.

-A teacher created exemplar will be shared and solved by the the students.


Start with brains, paper, and pencils

-Students will break into pairs or small groups

-They will discuss what content they have learned this year in Math and Science

-They will brainstorm different puzzle ideas

-They will need to sketch out their top ideas on paper

-Sketched should be detailed with dimensions


From paper to computer

-Students will learn the basics of CorelDRAW (or a similar program) by creating their sketches in the program

-Students only need a very basic/short tutorial (if any) to get started

-Teacher will float around the room to help and answer questions about the program

-Students are encouraged to tinker with the program and try to figure stuff out on their own

-Try to make students attempt to recreate their sketches as exact as possible (many times they will modify their original idea in an effort to make it easier to create)

Vector vs. Raster

Students will determine which lines are vector lines

-Teacher will explain the difference between Vector and Raster cuts and settings

-Use the exemplar to better explain

-Students will determine which lines in their puzzle should be vector lines

-Students will Hairline these lines (in CorelDRAW)

Laser Safety

Go over Laser Cutter safety procedures

-Teacher gives the talk about lasers being crazy expensive and dangerous and how not to burn the lab down

-Show students where the material setting are and what they mean

Print It

Teacher will assist students in printing their puzzles

-For first time printers: student will control the keyboard/mouse while teacher tells them what to click (which printer, settings, etc.)

-The last student to print and assist the next student with settings and so on

-Make sure the student STAYS AT THE PRINTER when the laser is firing

-We usually use MDF board or Acrylic, but cardboard can work too