FLA Week2: Vinyl Cut Sticker - SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Zulema Josa
Zulema Josa
Architect, designer and technology teacher.   Read More


Creative possibilities with the vinyl cutter.


The process described takes action in an action plan called “Fab Lab Club” where a group of students is building a maker community inside its high school self-managing a Fab Lab. The student group has designed a project launch based on different workshops for students where they can experience the creative possibilities of digital manufacturing to include some of these in their projects.


This project aims to introduce the students to digital technologies so that they can incorporate them into their future project solutions.



What You'll Need


Vinyl cutter software

Vinyl cutter


Transfer tape



Textile paint

Tote bag




The Instructions


Design a vectorial logo, name, or symbol with Inkscape.

We have designed the name for our high school “Fab Lab Club ” which is FAIG Lab Cardener.

Mirror the design

Mirror the logo to cut a sticker for the silkscreen.

With the Silhouette software, which is the trademark of our vinyl cutter, mirror the logo to cut a sticker for the silkscreen.


Send the design mirrored to the vinyl cutter.

Send the design mirrored to the vinyl cutter. Once the vinyl cutter has cut the logo, detach its letters or symbols.

Prepare the silkscreen

Attach the sticker on the reverse of the silkscreen.

Once we have detached the letters or symbols, we have to attach a piece of tape over the logo to then detach the sticker on the reverse of the silkscreen with the tape included to then detach the tape carefully.

Screen print your design

Screen print your design on the tote bag with the chosen color and a spatula.

Once we have the silkscreen prepared, put a piece of paper, cardboard, or plastic inside the tote bag to protect its reverse.

Put the silkscreen over the tote bag touching the part of the sticker. 

Select the color and put the paint on the top of the silkscreen to then spread it out with the spatula. You need to put pressure on spreading out the paint.

Carefully, remove the silkscreen, and let the paint dry.

If you want to change the color or want to finish the activity, wash the silkscreen well with soap and water.




  • (Fab-Fabrication.2): I can develop workflows across four or more of the following: modeling softwares, programming environments, fabrication machines, electronic components, material choices, or assembly operations.
  • (Fab-Design.2): I can participate in design reviews with prepared presentation materials as well as give and receive feedback from peers.

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