FLA Week3: Bio Material – SCOPES-DF

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Mark Ng
K-12 teacher


Biomaterials can be created from what you already have at home, or with ingredients readily available at the grocery store. 

 In this lesson, we will creating a laser cut mold. We will be using 2 recipes to cook the bio materials.



What You'll Need

1) Agar agar

2) Water

3) Glycerol

4) Food coloring

5) Gelatin

6) Weighing scale

7) Measuring cups

8) Spatula

9) Induction cooker


The Instructions

Laser cut the molds

A laser cutter will be used to cut our acrylic mold. Using food ingredients, we will be making our own biomaterial.

1) I used Coreldraw to design my laser cut file.


2) I stacked the acrylics to create the mold. I created the 4 holes to help me to align them accurately and tightened together with screws and nuts so that there is no gaps when I apply the acrylic glue to them.


Cooking recipe 1

Agar Bioplastic is made by mixing water, glycerine and agar-agar powder. They form a plastic substitute that can be cast in very thin films, resembling plastic foils. The casted material is never elastic but is flexible.

We are using the following recipe:-

measuring the ingredient


Mix the water, agar and glycerol together in a pot. Stir until the agar and glycerol have dissolved. Cook over medium heat and stir until the solution starts to boil and becomes viscous.


Pouring into molds.

It took 5 days to set.


2nd recipe


 It took 2 days to set.


The results