FLA Week3: Biomaterial – SCOPES-DF

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Megan Pee


An acrylic mold is fabricated using laser cutter and is used for making agar-agar biomaterial.

What You'll Need

1) Agar agar

2) Water

3) Glycerol

4) Food coloring

5) Gelatin

6) Weighing scale

7) Measuring cups

8) Spatula

9) Cooker

The Instructions

Design and fabrication of mold

An acrylic mold is fabricated using laser cutter. The simple rectangular mold is designed using Corel Draw software.

1.Coreldraw is used to design the mold.


2.It is then fabricated using the laser cutter using frequency: 90 and power: 85.




3.After the two pieces of acrylic are cut, they are glued together using acrylic glue.

Preparing biomaterial

The agar biomaterial is prepared by boiling the mixture of water, glycerine and agar-agar.

1.The ingredients comprising agar agar, glycerol and water are first mixed together in a pot over the cooker. Then, stir the mixture till all the ingredients are dissolved. Cooking is completed once the mixture boils and thickens.


2.Pour the mixture into the prepared mold.



  • (Fab-Fabrication.1): I can follow instructor guided steps that link a software to a machine to produce a simple physical artifact.

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