FLA Week4: Classroom tool design - SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Fab-Fabrication.1, Fab-Design.1

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Zulema Josa
Zulema Josa
Architect, designer and technology teacher.   Read More


Creative possibilities of the laser cutter.

What You'll Need


Slicer for fusion 360


Laser cutter

3mm wood veneer

White glue

Little clamps

The Instructions

Design the 3D object

Use 3D design software to design an object or download a design.

In this case, we have downloaded a bookholder from Thingiverse, an open-source platform to download files and build it in a 3D printer, laser cutter, etc. This bookholder was originally designed to build it with a 3D printer. The file can be a stl. or an obj.


If you want to modify the design downloaded or you want to design an original object, you can use TinkerCAD, which is an online design software.

Slice the design

Use the Slicer For Fusion 360

Use the Slicer For Fusion 360 to slice the stl. or the obj. file that contains the 3D object design.

You have to import the file, indicate the slice direction and get the plans.

Laser cut the pieces

Use the laser cutter

Once you have the plans of your 3D object in slices in a dxf. file, open it with Rdworks or the specific software of your laser cutter to indicate the material you want to cut to set the power and speed of the laser. In this case, we have used 3mm wood veneer.