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Fab-Safety.1, Fab-Design.1

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Gino Colantuono
K-12 teacher


This lesson fits in with a Italian Culture and Traditions unit we teach in Italian 3. Monuments are places that are often noted in travel books and visited on tours, but why? What can these stone statues, ruins, or relics teach us? Teaching students to recognize these monuments allows them to build a greater understanding of the country they are studying on various levels. First, you can use this to help reinforce geography. Before talking about culture and traditions, we always do a short unit in which they study the geography of the country. Localizing the monuments helps provide a review of some of the major cities as well as smaller communities of great cultural importance. Each student will be assigned a province with certain monuments. Student will prepare a presentation and produce a logo with one of the monuments from the province or of their traditions using the vinyl laser cutter.

What You'll Need

  1. Computers for each student
  2. Cut Studio software
  3. Vinyl cutter Printer
  4. 30 sheets of a variety of colors
  5. application tape
  6. tweezers


The Instructions

Italian monuments .

We will review culture and traditions as well as the historical importance of monuments.

  1. research historical attractions from the province assigned
  2. select 1 or 2 monuments
  3. search for a silhouette of the selected monument
  4. make sure it is black with well-defined outlines of the shape
  5. if there are letters it is better to have larger fonts
  6. small shape will be more difficult to create image outline
  7. open Cut Studio
  8. start new project
  9. copy image and paste it on Cut Studio
  10. Make sure your image is sized 6×6
  11. once you are ready and happy with with what you see right click mouse and select image outline
  12. select extract contour lines
  13. here there will be options for the alignment density of the image.
  14. insert paper in printer and make sure it is aligned
  15. select cutting to print your logo/monument
  16. remove the sheet from the printer
  17. once printed cut out with scissors the area with the logo
  18. place application tape over the logo (this makes it easier when pealing)
  19. use tweezers to remove access material
  20. Do not forget to save your project



  • (Fab-Safety.1): I can safely conduct myself in a Fab Lab and observe operations under instructor guidance.
  • (Fab-Design.1): I can be responsible for various activities throughout a design process within a group under instructor guidance.

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