Light up textile - SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Moath Momani
Moath Momani
K-12 teacher
I am a passionate educational technology engineer experienced in developing computer training materials and teaching how to use computer applications, machines, and cutting edge technologies. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in August 2016, then I started my… Read More


In this session, students will be introduced to wearable technology and basic electronic components to build an electrical circuit using a conductive tape and LED stick, in addition they will customize Arabic patterns using a vinyl cutter to have the shopper bag decorated and to be light it up by LED’s.

What You'll Need

Brushes ½”

Conductive tape

Shopper bags

Cardboard A4

Vinyl cut patterns 

Projector or TV


LED stick

Coin Batteries

The Instructions

introduce the digital fabrication and some tools

Define the meaning of digital fabrication, mention some tools used in the digital fabrication and the processes.

digital fabrication is the process of converting digital files on our computers to real objects using different tools and machines



What we are going to do today

Explain to the participants what is the outcome of the workshop and what they will make

1- We will decorate the bag by a shape of a pattern

2- Light up the bag with some electronics.

Activity 1 - Paint your pattern

Learners will engage with the first activity and choose a pattern to paint it

Project 1 : Paint your pattern

1- Choose the shape of the pattern you like.

2. Stick the shape to the bag.

3. Paint the color you want on the pattern



1- Brushes ½”



Cardboard A4

Vinyl cut patterns 


Put the A4 cardboard inside the bag in the painting process