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Lusine MLKE-Galstyan
Lusine MLKE-Galstyan
Meet Lusine MLKE-Galstyan, an accomplished musician, flutist, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Armenia. Lusine graduated with an honored diploma from Yerevan State Conservatory. In 2022 participated Berlin Opera Academy (6 performances in Berlin).   Starting in 2016 co-founded the band Tiezerk… Read More


Building Piccolo Holder


What You'll Need

CorelDraw (Software)


Molding wax


Vernier caliper

The Instructions

Measuring Piccolo Diameter

Measuring Piccolo Diameter by Vernier caliper.

First wee need to zero Vernier caliper at closed position. Then open in size of piccolo and measure.

2D Graphics for Piccolo Holder

We used CorelDraw for designing Piccolo Holder.


First, we draw a circle with Piccolo’s diameter. The we draw as outer border using rectangles and lines. 

Making Cutting files

We delete all unwanted lines for laser cut.


Use virtual segment knife for deleting all unwanted lines for laser cut. 

Laser Cut

Cut acrylic with laser.

Set laser preferences for the material and cut.

Gluing inner and outer parts

Gluing inner and outer parts, that were cut in the previous step.

Take the inner and outer parts and glue them each other using a specific glue for the material. The material I used was acrylic.

Molding Proccess

This is the final process.

Warm up the mold and fill the case we have made in the previous step.


  • (Fab-Safety.2): I can operate equipment in a Fab Lab following safety protocols.
  • (Fab-Fabrication.2): I can develop workflows across four or more of the following: modeling softwares, programming environments, fabrication machines, electronic components, material choices, or assembly operations.

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