Pyramid Doodle - SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Cameron Bass


The purpose of this lesson is to introduce students to digital fabrication by using a 3D pen. In this lesson students will use basic mathematics and measurements to recreate a miniature-scale size pyramid that is found in Egypt. This lab is designed to be implemented in-person or virtually. Extra safety precautions should be taken when the lesson is conducted virtually. All students must were long sleeve shirts, heat resistant gloves, and protective eye ware.

What You'll Need

3D Pen





Heat resistant gloves

Long sleeve shirt

Cut outs



Lesson Materials

The Instructions

Brief History

Brief History

Students will watch a short video on the pyramids of Giza to learn the significance of the pyramids and the importance they held in the ancient world. Students will watch an interactive YouTube video at the following link



Students will be instructed to draw a square with the length and width of 7.7 cm

and a triangle with the height 6.2 cm on each side of the square.




Cut & Fold

Students will use their scissors to cut out the diagram and fold it into a pyramid

Students will use tape to hold the pyramid together



Using the template, students will use the 3D pen to trace and construct the pyramid 

Assemble Pyramid

Students will remove the print from the paper and assemble the pieces to construct the pyramid