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While teaching Newton’s Third Law of Motion, teachers can build this simple Balloon Rocket (which is little different than usual Balloon rocket attached to string).

Teacher can start with simple balloon and try to show students how balloon trajectory is unpredictable. Then teacher can guide students to build this rocket and show how simple engineering concepts help in controlling trajectory of Balloon.

This experiment would help in following engineering concepts (on high level)-

  • Engineering concept of Nozzle , flow of air for trajectory management – Teacher can make use of different air outlets ( nozzles)
  • Use of stabilizers / fins getting used in Rocket design – Teacher can experiment with different number of fins and its sizes.


What You'll Need

Following things we would need to perform / make Balloon Rocket –

  1. Balloon
  2. Unused Marker Pen
  3. Paper Cup
  4. Masking Tape
  5. Scissor
  6. Pen

The Instructions

Attach Nozzle ( Marker Pen Tip Holder) to Balloon

Air coming out of balloon provides thrust to this Rocket (Force to push rocket upwards against gravity). In real rocket , this is achieved by burning fuel. Gases escape out of nozzle, create thrust to push rocket upwards.

  • Remove marker pen tip holder from marker pen and insert into balloon as shown in picture.


  • Note that conical portion is coming out of balloon opening. This forms passage for air to come out.


Prepare Base for Holding Rocket Nozzle

This step help us to build Rocket base which is critical for holding Balloon, Nozzle and adding stabilizer fins. In real rockets, every gram / ounce counts. Increase in weight means more thrust / force require to push rocket out of Earth's gravity. We have to keep a watch on how much weight we are adding to our Rocket.

  • Take one Paper cup and cut it into two parts (cut out 3/4 portion).


  • Also cut three legs as shown in picture. The idea is to reduce weight.