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Studio 5
Studio 5
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During this workshop, young participants (7-10 years old) will assemble a portable solar oven using cardboard and transparent PVC vinyl. They will put their creation to the test by cooking a delicious breakfast meal using the power of the sun!

What You'll Need

Lesson Plan: English

Lesson Plan: Arabic


Illustrator file for cardboard

Clear PVC Vinyl

Binder Clips

Brass Fasteners

Aluminum Tape


The Instructions


Follow through the presentation to understand more about Solar Ovens and how they work.


What is a Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab)?



What types of machines exist within a FabLab?



Here are the 4 zones in the Studio5 FabLab




Examples of DIY



What is a Solar Oven?



Here are some of the different types of Ovens



Benefits of Solar Oven



How does a Solar oven work?



Watch an informative video on How Solar Ovens work!



Learn about the Greenhouse effect!


Build your Solar Oven!

Let us get into how to build your very own Solar Oven.

Materials required



Step 1: Place the front side of the cardboard facing up