Waving droid – SCOPES-DF

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Basel Al Muree


In this lesson students are going to learn about basic electronics and basic programming and apply the received knowledge in making the waving droid project following the engineering design process and project paced learning techniques. Also, they will be introduced to the concept of

digital fabrication where they are going to experience Onshape as a CAD software and operate the laser cutter.

What You'll Need

Material needed:

–    Circuitplayground.

–    Laptops

–    Internet connection

–    Access to OnShape website and MakeCode website

–    5 Wires

–    5 alligator wires

–    Batteries

–    1 Servomotor

–    Double sided tape

–    scissor

–    Cardboard

–    Stickers (Optional)






The Instructions

Introduction (5Mins)

Drive an open discussion to introduce the workshop challenge, by asking participants the following questions: (5 mins)


Q1: Have you ever built a robot?

Q2: What do we need to build a robot?

Q3: How can we move parts of a robot?

Challenge intro. (5 mins)

At this step, Introduce the Engineering challenge

Introduce the challenge of needing to move a robot hand and the components that will be used. I,e: a robot to control, Servomotor to move the hand of the robot, and Circuit playground to control the hand movement direction.

Basic electronics (10 mins)

circuit components and flow of the current

Introduce the basic components of electric circuits. Such as wires and power sources and explain how electrical current flow in a circuit

Circuit playground and basic programming

Introduce CircuitPlayground block coding, and how it can be used to control the different output options depending on the inputs chosen.

Give an example of a lighting LED when a button is pushed as students follow.



controlling the servo motor for the challenge (20 mins)

Guide participants to controlling the Servomotor block through two buttons A&B, and ask them to find the two angles in which the robot hand can wave.


introduction to CAD (5 mins)

Introduce the students to the concept of 2D designing and how it’s different between 2D and 3D

OnShape (15 mins)

On Shape is an opensource CAD software for educators

As students follow, the instructor teaches the basics features of Onshape software.

Robot sketching (15 mins)

Every student will sketch his own robot

Instruct the student on how to sketch a simple robot using basic tools such as lines, circles, and rectangles

Fabrication (15 mins)

At this step, students are going to learn how to operate the laser cutter and how to transfer files from the computer to the machine

Gather all the designs done by the students to be cut using the laser cutter and explain how the laser cut works, safety instructions and how to operate it. Cut all the designs at once (Let one of the students operate the laser cutter)

Assembly (15 mins)

let students start combining the electronic circuit they designed with the laser cut robot.

Provide the following items:

–   Double sided tape

–   scissor

–   Stickers

The student is going to fix the Circuitplayground and the servo motor using double-sided tape.

closer (5 mins)

review the session and ask students what have we learned today


  • (HS-ETS1-1): Analyze a major global challenge to specify qualitative and quantitative criteria and constraints for solutions that account for societal needs and wants.