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Chevron Fab STEM Fellowship 2024 Announcement

The Chevron Fab STEM Fellowship is a commitment to equity, inclusion, and the advancement of STEM education on a global scale. This one-year discovery program is designed to empower outstanding educators in the pursuit of innovative and inclusive teaching practices while engaging new and under-represented student populations in STEM education. 

In 2023, we launched the Fellowship with two educators: Nathan Pritchett from Fab Lab Tulsa and Pieter Verduijn from the International School of Aruba

  • Hear about Pieter’s experience on episode #2 of the Chevron Fab STEM Fellowship Podcast.
  • Hear about Nathan’s experience on episode #3 of the Chevron Fab STEM Fellowship Podcast.


After a highly successful pilot year, the program was expanded to include four Fellows. We are very excited to announce that the following passionate educators have been selected as the 2024 Chevron Fab STEM Fellows:

Angel Johnson, Director of Fab Lab Miami (Florida, USA) 

“My main goal, and the focus of Fab Lab Miami, is to reach the youth of our communities to expose them to the world of STEM.”

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Dr. Ann Marie Macara, Biology Teacher at Wildwood School (California, USA)

“I believe in the potential of bioart to establish authentic connections between students and the natural world.”

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Ilyes Tlili, Manager of Fab Lab Mahdia (Mahdia, Tunisia)

“Equity and inclusion are integral; I ensure equal access to resources, embrace diverse perspectives, and create a safe, respectful space where every student feels empowered and heard. Ultimately, I aim to instill a passion for learning, encouraging students to confidently apply their skills and knowledge.”

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Julie Sundar, Manager of IoT Lab Suriname (Paramaribo, Suriname)

“In essence, my philosophy revolves around empowering women through skill development and practical application, ensuring that every individual, irrespective of background, has the chance to excel in digital fabrication and STEM fields.”

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The Chevron FAB STEM Fellowship is open to anyone engaged in teaching digital fabrication and STEM skills in K-12 education settings, whether formal or informal—schools, Fab Labs, makerspaces, museums, after-school programs, or NGOs. The requirements for application include showcasing impactful, innovative, equitable, and inclusive STEM and digital fabrication practices through the submission of a lesson plan, program, or practice.


This year, more than 75 educators applied for the Fellowship, with interest coming from all around the world. In addition to the recipients of the top award, nine applicants received honorable mention: Dr. Alandra Kahl (USA), Aminu Bonifacio (Ghana), Gregory Keoki Kent (Hawaii, USA), Isaac Regier (USA), John Rexford Nzira (Tanzania), Kayla Bowman (USA), Kristin Burress (USA), Lora Taylor (USA), Oscar Díaz (Mexico). 


Tasked with the near-impossible challenge of selecting only four winners from the deeply talented pool of international applicants was a panel of five judges, experts in digital fabrication, education, and STEM outreach. We offer our profound thanks to the following individuals for their time, insights, and impactful contributions to this program:

Karen M. Rawls, Senior Social Investment Advisor, Chevron

“Education is a critical pathway to achieving social equality and enabling human progress. Limited access to education is a systemic inequality leading to differences in opportunities and success, ultimately suppressing the socioeconomic mobility of marginalized populations. Advancing racial and social equity aligns with the core values of The Chevron Way and helps us cultivate a more equitable, diverse and inclusive workforce.”

Rodney Williams, Program Manager for Education & Outreach, The Fab Foundation

“It’s inspiring to see individuals from all over the world push the boundaries of innovation and make meaningful contributions to STEM and digital fabrication. As a judge, I aim to support and celebrate the next generation of innovators, while also championing equity and inclusion in STEM education. By fostering diverse participation and representation, we empower all students to excel and contribute to a more inclusive and innovative future.”

Duaa Alaali, Fab Lab Manager & STEM Educational Initiative Specialist, Fab Lab Bahrain

“I believe that fostering equity and inclusion in digital fabrication and STEM education requires intentional efforts, thoughtful policies, continuous research, and global collaborative efforts to create a more accessible and supportive learning environment everywhere. I wanted to participate as a judge for this competition as a way to contribute to the Fab education community, support emerging initiatives, and contribute to the growth of the winners.”

Iván Sánchez Milara, Instructor at Fab Lab Oulu

“My decision to serve as a judge for this competition is deeply influenced by my belief in the transformative power of STEAM education. My experiences have shown me how kids engage with digital fabrication, sparking creativity and innovation in many different ways. I see this as a stepping stone to building a stronger, more collaborative network of educators, innovators, and enthusiasts worldwide.”

Nathan Pritchett, Executive Director, Fab Lab Tulsa; 2023 Chevron Fab STEM Fellow

“As a past participant in the program, I want to support the next cohort of Fellows. I recognize that power imbalances stand in the way of members of our community, and I am committed to fostering a learning environment where all participants feel welcome.”


Participation as a Chevron Fab STEM Fellow is a unique opportunity for educators to collaborate and create learnings that incorporate diverse perspectives, disciplines, and concepts. Fellows contribute to the global STEM education landscape and play a crucial role in sparking innovation and creativity among peers. Each selected Fellow receives a $10,000 stipend, a demonstration of Chevron’s commitment to facilitating the global exchange of knowledge, intended to amplify the impact of the program. Over the course of the year, each Fellow will visit at least two Fab Labs around the world to partner with their international colleagues in the co-creation of an innovative, inclusive STEM lesson for K-12 education environments, the recording of a new podcast episode, and the opportunity to run a collaborative workshop. The success of this program would not be possible without active support and participation from the many international Fab Labs that will play host to the visiting Fellows. We offer our heartfelt gratitude to each of these organizations!

Stay tuned as the 2024 Fellows share their experiences and newfound knowledge with the global community through published content right here on our SCOPES-DF platform, as well as presentations at conferences and education events throughout the following year. We can’t wait to see how their learnings shape the advancement of STEM education while furthering a culture of innovation and inclusivity in classrooms and after-school programs around the world!