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The Oresmian Coordinate System - Bridge

Students will learn about the design process and coordinate systems by going through a challenge to make a 3D bridge with scaled down real-life constraints.

In this lesson, students are guided in a structured learning activity (building a 3D bridge). Students go through an iterative process to learn how designs can be developed and improved over time. The core project is building highway bridges. In this learning activity, teams of 2-3 pupils worked on designing bridges. The bridges should accommodate four lanes of traffic under it, and two lanes over it, and the design should be built in 1:500 scale. Afterwards, students test the strength of each bridge by placing weights on top of it until the bridge breaks.

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Subjects Mathematics

Grade Levels 7-8

Fab Tools CAD, 3D printer

Collections Fab Tested, International

Contributors Anders Bod Lund