Animated Bracelet - SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Studio 5
Studio 5
K-12 teacher
In line with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s Digital Youth Strategy, STUDIO 5 is mainly aimed at nurturing youth as digital learners by sharpening their 21st century learning skills, as they develop in an all-pervasive digital environment. In… Read More


Onsite session aims towards delivering the knowledge of wearable technology in order to build an animated bracelet.

What You'll Need

In this session, we will need the following:

1- Presentation

2- Adafruit platform

3- Advanced Circuit playground


The Instructions

Wearable Technology

In this section, we will go through wearable technology and its types.

1- We will start by Ice breaking with the participant.


2- Then we will go through what is meant by wearables’ technology.

“Wearable are devices incorporated into items that can be comfortably worn on a body”.

3- Then we will go through the types of wearable are used and the purpose of using such tech.

“Wearable are used for the purpose of tracking information to be processed for farther analysis.”

4- We can ask the participant to provide an example of a wearable they might see or used?

5- Then we will go through the types of wearable have.

  • Smartwatches : devices do provide the user with notification “missed calls, massages, and social media”
  • Head mounted display: which are devices that takes the user to a virtual world.
  • Fitness tracker: devices mostly used by athletes that can provide steps moved, active time and calories burnt.
  • Smart cloths : smart electronics incorporate with wearable cloths to give fashionable look.
  • Implantable : devices are medically used, and they are inserted to the human body through surgeries.


6- Then we will show a video regarding what is meant by wearables.

Technology associated with wearable

In this section we will go through the technologies associated with wearable technology.

1- We will ask the participant about their knowledge about what technology is associated with wearables.