Build & Test Earthquake Proof Buildings – SCOPES-DF

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DFRobot Edu
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This project will show you how to make an earthquake shake table to simulate earthquakes at different frequencies. Connect the model with a microcontroller to measure and visualize the earthquake intensity in Mind+. Then you can build earthquake-proof structures and test out their seismic resistance.


Video reference:

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What You'll Need

1 Box & 1 Cardboard

16 Straws

18 Pipe Cleaners

7 Bottle Caps (6 normal sizes, 1 slightly bigger)

4 Bubber Bans

1 Push Pin

1 micro:bit

1 BOSON Mainboard 1IO

1 BOSON Rotation Sensor

1 BOSON Motor Controller

1 BOSON Geared Motor

Lesson Materials

The Instructions

Build the Shake Table

The model simulates seismic ground motion during an earthquake. With a rotation sensor, you can change the speed of the motor to generate movement at different frequencies. It will be inspiring to test the effect of short and high-frequency earthquakes on buildings with different heights.