Cardboard Backboard - SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Age Ranges
K.G.A1, K.G.B5, 1.MD.C4, 2.MD.A1, 2.MD.A2, 3.MD.D8, 3.MD.B3, 3.MD.B4, 4.NF.B4c, 4.MD.A3, 5.NF.B6, 5.G.A2, 6.SP.A1, 6.SP.A2, 6.SP.A3, 6.SP.B4, 6.SP.B5

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Aidan Mullaney
Aidan Mullaney
Aidan Mullaney is the Instructional Manager for the GE/Celtics Brilliant Play Lab. His primary role with the Fab Foundation is developing and delivering curriculum for the middle school mobile lab. Aidan facilitates career-related activities with a focus on STEM in… Read More


Learn how to make a cardboard backboard out of household materials. Once assembled, complete the attached statistics worksheet and see how many shots you can make. Apply digital fabrication skills by designing your backboard in CAD and vector software.


Safety note: This activity requires the use of scissors and other sharp objects; parental supervision is advised.

What You'll Need

Lesson Materials

The Instructions

Make the Rim

Bend the wire hanger in half in the opposite direction of the top hook. Form a circle with the overlapping wire. Place the loop around the top hook of the hanger to finish the rim.



Measure and Cut the Backboard

Measure the diameter of the rim. Using this measurement, calculate the width and height of the backboard: The backboard width is 4x the diameter of the rim. The backboard height is 2 ⅔ or 2.66x the diameter of the rim. Cut the cardboard using the measurements. Color or tape the boarders of the backboard.