Cycling Signal - SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Studio 5/6
Studio 5/6
K-12 teacher
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Online Unplugged lesson plan showing the wearable technology used by cyclist for safety, we will also introduce participant to the ways of building such technology using microcontrollers.

What You'll Need

Free Online Lesson needs the following materials and platform:



The Instructions


We will be introducing the participant to what we will do in the session, Also, we will break the ice in between to encourage them to interact.

1- We will start by an ice breaking question:

“What do you think about cycling safety”


  • Most of the participant will mention the precaution we have to wear like helmet, and reflective suit at night, also they will mention the rules of cycling.


2- Then we will mention the cycling as a general definition for them.


3- After that we will discuss the safety meaning and the advantages of making safety as a first priority.

4- Then we will mention the new technology equipment’s that have been used lately in the field of cycling.