FLA Week2: Vinyl Cut Sticker - SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Chris Ludwig
Chris Ludwig
Fablab manager


Demonstrating how to create vectors with Inkscape, make simple stickers with the Cricut Vinyl Cutter, and use the works as artifacts for more active code feedback with HTML.

What You'll Need

Cricut Maker 3

Vinyl Stickers (any color)

Cardstock or firm paper

lamination sheets


MDF board

Laser Cutter

Glue Gun

The Instructions

Introducing Vectors

Introduce the term rastor and vector. Demonstrate what happens when rastor and vector images are scaled up. Ask students to make an ! mark in Inkscape and test scaling it up

Review – Pixel based images


Introduce the term rastor.


Question: What will happen if we take a small image and scale it up?







Discussion: Why is this happening?





Why isn’t this image pixelated?


Introduce: Vectors



Introduce Inkscape

Experiment will creating various vector shapes, colors, scales, etc in Inkscape

Students will experiment will creating various vector shapes, colors, scales, etc in Inkscape


Students will make a vector ! and prepare it for the Cricut by sharing with the teacher.

! marks must be easily visible from a distance so at least 20 cm in height.


Students will make a new design in Inkscape: a rod for their poster board.

The shape of the rod is flexible, but must be between 30cm to 35 cm in height and 4cm and 7cm in width.


Students will need to add text of their name within the rod for engraving.

Creating Designs within Inkscape

Prototype, print, and cut sticker using Inkscape and Cricut

Utilize Inkscape to modify a sign, paying careful attention to shape and design


Use transfer tape to move design onto the final product of your choice


Introduction to the laser cutter

Rods will be engraved and cut. Laser cutter's functionality and interface is explained.

Design a simple vector image and sent it to LightBurn for etching on the laser cutter